Git Some!


You know what you need? You need to be buffeted by waves of rockabilly and crooned at til your toes curl. Uh-huh. You know the band that fits this description… THE SWANG BROTHERS. And my boys and I have the immense satisfaction of featuring these smashing blokes at our monthly Americana Revue on Thursday, November 8th at The Station in Carrboro.  There’s no cover but tipping is definitely encouraged. Hell. I’ll even let you tuck some cash in my damn cowboy boots if yer scared of tip jars. What say 10 o’clock?


If there’s absolutely positively no way you can make it out to Carrboro on the 8th, chances are good you’ll be free the next night (Friday the 9th!) and just happen to be in downtown Raleigh. Drinking your face off. At Tir Na Nog. Did I mention The Harvest Hoedown? Sarah Shook & the Devil, Hearts & Daggers and Carolina Still? No? Well, shoot. A mere $5 for all the honky tonkin’, trouble makin’ and shenanigans you can take.

No excuses. I wanna see yer face.

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